9 deaths due to influenza H3N2 in the country so far-

H3N2 virus threat has increased in many states of the country including Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra.
So far 9 people have died in the country due to this virus. At the same time, the maximum effect of 
the virus is in Maharashtra. A total of 352 cases of swine flu and H3N2 have been reported here so far.
Of these, there are 58 patients suffering from H3N2.
According to BMC, there are 32 patients admitted in Mumbai, out of which 4 patients are H3N2 and 28 are
H1N1 patients. The condition of all these patients is currently stable. In view of the threat of influenza
 H3N2 in the state, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde will hold a meeting with health officials today.

Before proceeding, see the updates related to the virus so far…

  • The death of a 58-year-old woman is being claimed due to H3N2 virus in Gujarat's Vadodara.
    Although it has not been officially confirmed.
  • A 20-bed isolation ward has been set up at Delhi's LNJP Hospital. In view of the new cases here, the
    facility of beds and doctors is being increased.
  • All schools in Puducherry have been closed from March 16 to 26 as a precautionary measure.
  • A case of H3N2 virus has also been reported in Assam on Wednesday.

Maharashtra claims two deaths due to virus, hospital on alert-

According to media reports, so far two people have died due to this virus in Maharashtra.
 Among them, a young man studying medicine in Ahmednagar had gone to Alibaug last week to
 hang out with his friends. After returning from there, his health started deteriorating.

State Health Minister Tanaji Sawant said that patients infected with H3N2 virus are being
 treated and hospitals have been put on alert. He said that H3N2 virus is not fatal and it
 can be cured through treatment, so there is no need to panic.



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