Government Schemes

Apply Passport In Less Than 10 Miniuts

How to Apply Passport in easy way

Step 1

Register through the Passport Seva Online Portal

User Registration Process

Select Register to apply at CPV Delhi Or Passport Office

Select Passport Office

Given Name Inculding First Name & Middle Name


Date Of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY) Format

Email ID

Do you want your Login Id to be same as E-mail Id?

Answer Yes or Not

If Select Yes Than Your Email ID Is Known by Login Id

If Select No than your Login Id and Email Id Difference

you Can Create Manual Login Id

{Do you want your Login Id to be same as E-mail Id

After Crete Password (minimum 8 and maximum 14 characters)

Confirm Password

Select Hint Question (Chose Any Question in List)

Give Answer As per Hint Question

After Enter Characters Displayed (If Unreadable than Use Refresh Icon)

After Final Submit Register (Before Click register Cheak Again All Details)

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