ayurvedic medicine for liver swelling

ayurvedic medicine for liver swelling

The medicine stops enlargement and swelling of liver and spleen, and make it again active. It is highly useful for jaundice, constipation, indigestion, low appetite, indigestion during pregnancy and many other diseases of stomach. For persons having liver problems the enzyme secretion is less and because of that they get disease of dry stool and dirty gas trouble. For such diseases by taking this medicine regularly persons gets relief from diseases and becomes normal.It is highly useful for liver psoriasis. Liver is highly useful and important organ of human body. There is constant enzyme secretions from liver which work for digestion of food. According to Ayurveda liver is that organ which sends the medicine taken by patient to right place of ailment. That means, if the liver of patient to is not working properly, then the medicines taken by the patient do not reach to proper place in proper time. Then the disease takes long time to cure. It is proved to cure disease for a patient and time taken for it.
If the liver medicine is given along with any other medicine to a patient, then it will show highly powerful effect and result would be the best.

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