Top Caterers Services in Jaipur (Best halwai and caterers)

Top Caterers in Jaipur

In India, marriage is considered as a festival, in which all the members of the family enjoy together, but the food is the biggest part of adding excitement to the wedding. So we are showing some selected Top food caterers services in Jaipur based on their quality.

1. J.Oberoi Caterers

J.Oberoi caterers is a catering food services company based in Jaipur for a long time, providing the highest quality catering service to their customers. They have famous & recognized hallways and cooks and they are specialists in Traditional Indian Cuisine, International Cuisine, etc. J. Oberoi Caterers can cater to a maximum of 5000 guests. and their per plat price is to be 800 to 1000+.

                     Image Source: J.Oberoi

2. M.B. Caterers

M.B. Caterers Provides 100 % Pure veg catering services. Their services make the wedding more memorable. They are specialists in buffet catering service, industrial catering services, Wedding Catering Services. They carry a strict quality test before handling any ingredient. M.B. Caterers can cater to a maximum of 2000 guests and a minimum of 200 guests. and their per plat price is to be 500+.

3. Agarwal Caterers

Agarwal Caterers offer best Quality Catering Services to their customer’s. They are specialist in Wedding Party Catering, Corporate Party Catering, Theme Party Catering, Birthday Party Catering, Anniversary Party Catering etc. Their services makes the wedding more memorable. Agarwal Caterers can cater to a maximum of 5000 guests and their per plat price is to be 500+.

Image Source: Agarwal Caterers


4. Gyanjee Caterers

Gyanjee caterers is a Jain food Catering Services company based in Jaipur Rajasthan. They are specialist in Social and Corporate events. They provide food services and hospitality services for all occasions like weddings, conferences etc. Gyanjee Caterers can cater to a maximum of 5000 guests. and their per plat price is to be 1000+.

                                Image Source: Gyanjee Caterers

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