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Most Common Dental Problems and how to get rid from them  

Dental health is an essential part of teeth problems. It is necessary to have good oral hygiene for your overall health. Poor hygiene leads to dental cavities and gum disease, and these diseases has also been linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes. To avoid, those costly treatments (dental procedures), it is important to maintain teeth and gums. Every person has to learn proper oral hygiene habits – such as brushing, flossing, how to use fluorides while cleaning teeth. There are under a lot of strain, while biting, grinding, chewing, talking every single day of our lives. To stay strong and healthy, it is necessary to take a proper diet and preferably, do brushing twice a day. Try to avoid consuming too many sugary snacks, drinks and heavy meals like pasta, pizza, burger etc. It is compulsory to take treatment as quick as possible because if it continues for a long it would have cause a serious problem which can’t be ignored.

This guide contains some of the dental problems and steps how to get rid of those dental problems.

Problem 1: Tooth Decay (Cavities)

Cavities are also called caries or tooth decay. They are those areas of tooth which have been permanently damaged and also have holes in them. Basically, cavities are fairly normal in children’s. It usually occurs when the bacteria in plaque gets collected on teeth. It produces an acid that eat at the tooth enamel and slowly forming holes. These bacteria develop by eating sugary food and fast food. It should be necessary to take a proper and healthy diet.

However, older peoples and children are slightly more at risk, because their enamel is more unprotected. If a child has cavities within baby teeth, then they will be repaired as soon as the teeth fell down and new teeth come. But this doesn’t mean that we can take this problem in light, we should take care of our diet.

The best way to deal with plaque is prevention. If you have cavities then it is not possible to get rid from them in easy way, it can only be possible by filling and repair them. Brush and floss regularly, get dental checkup once in a month and avoid eating too much sugary foods.  

Problem 2: Gum Disease (Periodontitis)

Gum disease, also called gingivitis, is swelling of the gums. It’s basically the result the plaque, which gets collected up on your teeth due to poor brushing and flossing. It causes your gums swell and also bleeds when you brush or floss. It may also cause a serious infection called periodontitis, if not get a dental checkup quickly.

As periodontitis continuing, the infection can spread to your body parts too, like in jaws and bones. It leads to an inflammatory response all through the body which is a serious problem and it should be compulsory to take a quick checkup from any dentist surgeon. If your gums bleed more than one times a day, then it must be a serious sign of gingivitis and you need to consult a doctor quickly.

Problem 3: Tooth Infection (Root Infection)

This happens when the bottom part of the tooth called root, becomes infected and filled with bacteria. These bacteria’s damages the enamel and nerves of the root. If it remains untreated, it might cause a serious infection. This appears in the form of a deep crack or cavity and sometimes a swelling occur on our face.

The root canal treatment is the only way to get rid from tooth infection. This is a little complex and lengthy treatment and usually takes 2-3 hours to complete. An anesthetic is always used during treatments so that patient feels low pain. 

Problem 4: Enamel degradation

This is a very common problem and can be noticed by the discolored enamel surfaces. It results like a corrosive material, like teeth changes yellowish color. This happens due to fizzy drinks and sugary food. The acid in these ingredients covers all over the enamel and give it an unhealthy look. The only thing that lead to enamel degradation faster is sipping fizzy and taking sugary snack all the day, sometimes different wines too.

 The prevention is the best cure to get rid of this disease because you can’t get back the original quality but you can make sure to brush daily after taking these drinks.

Problem 5: Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth, you might have faced or have been facing discomfort or pain while taking any hot or cold food and beverages.

Tooth sensitivity is also referred to as “dentin hypersensitivity.”

It occurs temporarily sometimes after treatment of root canal or filling.

Some people naturally have the problem of sensitivity; it is because of thinner enamel. Naturally sensitive teeth can be treated by your daily oral hygiene.

Problem 6: Dry Mouth

This problem is sometimes called xerostomia. It causes due to lack of saliva present in our mouth. This can occur with some different reasons – by taking prescriptions medicines, if you are taking any of medicines then you should ask your doctor whether this happen due to medications.

Saliva actually has mild antibacterial properties, which is used to wash away the plaque from our teeth. But, without it, bacteria can easily enter, sit on the enamel and start eating it.

The most risky group of patients is over the age of 50. As the mouth ages, saliva production slowly decreases and the mouth remain dry many times.

Unfortunately, there is no direct treatment of this disease, but make sure whatever medicines you taking it should be prescribed by the doctor. Still, if you facing any problem regarding this quickly consult to doctor.

Problem 7: Oral Cancers

Clearly, it is the most serious problem which occurs in mouth that only you can develop. Actually, it is painless if you are having any trouble or you are worried about your mouth, consult with dentist first. Most oral cancers usually begin as a small, pale, pinkish lump or any growth inside your mouth.

Generally, the smokers are facing these types of problems because this is a cause of mouth cancer. Mouth cancer is only caused by taking intoxication things and for those peoples, this kind of check-up is very important. This habit quickly increases the risk of having mouth cancer.

 The reality is that mouth cancer kills. 90% of the cancer patients kill while only 10% of the patients suffering from the mouth cancer survive, just because of quick consultation with dentist or they have good treatment. How sad, there are only few patients survive in this disease.

For cancer, prevention is not just cheaper than cure. Take care of your mouth because it totally depends on your overall body, and stay always in touch with your dentist, if you spot anything which troubles you.

Symptoms of dental and oral problems:-

If you are not following proper oral hygiene, then you must have dental problem, after that you will go to dentist surgeon and the dentist would charge you highly. So, it is necessary to maintain proper oral hygiene after having a meal.

If you have been facing any of the following warning indications, then you must fix an appointment to check-up as soon as possible.

Ulcers, sores in the mouth that won’t cure in two or three weeks.

 Bleeding or swollen gums after brushing or flossing can cause a serious dental issue if it is not cure as soon as possible.

Long-term unpleasant-smelling breath

Sudden sensitivity if you take any hot and cold beverages or food

Cracked or broken teeth

Frequent dry mouth


Continuous swelling of face and cheek

Pain while chewing or biting 

If you are facing any of these troubles, make sure to have a quick consultation with your dentist, because it is your life and to save your life through these diseases, you have to take care of your hygiene, diet etc. and stay in touch with your dentist if see any trouble. 


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