Dengue fever Symptoms and Treatment

Dengue fever Symptoms and Treatment

Dengue Fever is a dangerous disease caused by the bite of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. To prevent the spread of this disease, we need to make Public more aware than before. In this disease, a rash starts on the body with high fever. Dengue fever is a very painful and debilitating disease. This disease spreads very much during the rainy season because the water remains filled in the rain which is the cause of this disease.

Causes of Dengue Fever:-

Dengue fever does not spread by eating food together. If a person has dengue fever. And this mosquito bites the person and drinks his blood. So the dengue virus gets blood in that mosquito. Then he bites the other person. So he becomes a victim of dengue virus. This way the virus is spreading.

Symptoms of Dengue –

Dengue symptoms begin 5-8 days after the bite of a dengue mosquito. There are lots of symptoms of dengue fever.

. Fever due to cold

. Head ache

. Aching eyes

. Body pain and joint pain

. Loss of appetite

. Muddle up

Prevention of Dengue Fever:-

For prevention of dengue, it is necessary to avoid dengue sheath bites and control the spread of these magnets.

In order to control the dengue’s Mulsar, only the areas where it grows should be destroyed.

Use pesticides in places where water is expected to accumulate.

Sleep with mosquito nets daily and wear full clothes. To avoid mosquito bite, keep cream.

Keep cleanliness in the house and around the house because the chances of dengue mosquitoes flourish   in the dirt increases.

Always keep the garbage can covered. To get rid of dengue virus soon, identify its symptoms and consult a doctor at the right time.

Diagnosis of Dengue Fever:-

In dengue, platelets need to be raised or doctors tell about this too, but this information can be told only after the blood test of the patient. In view of the many types of dengue, doctors recommend a blood test based on the symptoms of the infected person.

Dengue Treatment:-

In this disease, keeps the patient drinking fluids. Such as soup, lemonade and juice etc.

In case of fever, give the patient Paracetamol MB. Place a strip of cold water on the forehead.

If the patient is bleeding from anywhere, then he needs to offer platelets.

Dengue fever lasts for 2 to 7 days. During this time the amount of platelets in the patient’s blood decreases.

Automatically after seven days: only the amount of platelets starts increasing. Contact the doctor soon after symptoms appear.

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