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Rajeev Gandhi Career Portal: An Essential Guidance Portal for Your Career Path

Education is basic right of every child. Acquiring Education is an empowering process that helps in creating opportunities and building a better life. There should be access to knowledge and information for everyone around us.

Keeping this in mind, Government of Rajasthan has always focused on imparting quality education to the students across the state. The Government believes in equal access to education for all. On the similar grounds, Rajiv Gandhi Career Guidance Portal was started by the Government of Rajasthan in March 2019 with the help of UNICEF in order to support and provide right career guidance to the students of classes 9th to 12th. It was launched by the State Education Minister Mr. Govind Singh Dotasra on 6th February 2019 with an aim to make better career for the student of the state.

Opening up of Rajeev Gandhi Career Portal was a notable step by the State Government in providing employment-oriented education to students across the state. It is one of its kind in the country. The portal helps the students to choose a career path with respect to their interest, aspiration and inclination towards a field. There are many students who have let idea about which direction is correct for them and which is not. Sometimes even parents are not sure or may not have much knowledge in order to provide the correct guidance to their children. To resolve this dilemma, Rajeev Gandhi Career Portal was formed which gives career guidance to the students of Rajasthan and give them right direction so that they can do well in their future.

The career guidance includes, information on entrance exams, colleges, scholarships, skill development programmes, internship and apprenticeship opportunities, and employment-oriented courses. It provides essential information to students on over 200+ vocational, 237+ professional courses, 960+ scholarships, 455+ employment sectors, 10,000+ colleges and over 954+ entrance exams. This helps the student to go in the right direction to achieve their goal and target which they want to do.

Key Highlights of the Portal:

  • Essential content on careers, college, scholarship, exams and institutes.
  • Teachers and Students on a single dynamic platform.
  • There are more than 200 vocational education courses, 237+ professional courses and 10,000+ colleges available on Raj Career Portal that helps the students to make career.
  • The Registration on Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal Rajasthan is absolutely free.
  • Students can login using student unique ID and Shala Darpan ID.
  • Growth possibility for every career, possible earnings and ways to access the same.

The Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal Registration is a one Stop place for your career path. So, if you are student residing in Rajasthan of standard 9th to 12th then you can easily do the registration process for Raj Career Portal by visiting Just enter your roll number or registration number of the board 10th or 12th Rajasthan (unique student ID). The registration process on Raj Career Portal is very easy and free of cost. You can complete the registration process in just few minutes.

Thousands of students have registered on this career portal and are paving their path of success. What are you waiting for?
Come, explore the varied paths of your career through Rajeev Gandhi Career Portal!