Rise of eLearning during Covid-19

With the onset of the terrible pandemic wave, there were drastic changes all across the globe. Nothing was left untouched and every sector was hit hard. But along with this, the pandemic upsurge paved the way for technology, which gradually took the centre stage in every sector of the economy. And if we talk about the education sector, then a new chapter was marked in its history. ­­­

Through various technological advancements, Online learning became an indispensable part of the education world. Digital learning, increase use of smart devices such as smartphones, computers and tablets considerably changed the learning style and habits of the students. Keeping this in mind, the Education Department of Rajasthan introduced ‘E-learning’, an innovative measure that imparts education through various online learning programs. This initiative was started with a motive to provide online study and learning material to the students so that the education is not adversely affected during the lockdown.

Who would have thought that education and learning of children will be confined within the realm of mobile, computer and tablet! On this note, let us discuss various online learning initiatives by the government, which imparted efficient education to the students of Rajasthan.

E-Kaksha:- To ensure that children’s education is not interrupted in the corona period, the government has started an e-class program in which the children are studying through mobile phones, YouTube channels and education apps. The main objective of e-class program is to create an e-library for all schools in the state so that students’ learning is not interrupted even in the absence of a teacher. This is a commendable step by the government concerning the adverse circumstances of the pandemic.

Smile:- The biggest challenge for the government was not to disrupt students’ education during the corona period. Keeping this in mind, the education department started a smile program for all the government schools across the state. In this program, video content and study material are being made available to the students via WhatsApp.

Shiksha Darshan:- The Department introduced the Shiksha Darshan program due to the limited availability of internet in remote areas during the shutdown in Corona. Under this program, the textual content for the students is broadcasted through Television (Doordarshan).

Shiksha Vaani:- The department started this education program under which the course material for students is broadcasted through Radio (Akashvaani).

YouTube:- Apart from connecting through radio, TV and WhatsApp, students up to 12th standard can connect with their teachers live through the YouTube channel also. By taking live youtube classes, children receive quick responses to their curricular-related problems.

Making sure that no student is deprived of quality education, ‘eLearning’ has been successful in helping the pillars of our society i.e, teachers and students. It has very efficiently and effectively facilitated comprehensive education even at the time of global crisis like Covid-19.


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