Top 5 Amusement Park in the World to visit for families

Top 5 Best Amusement Park in World to visit for families

 A largest area of outdoor version of permanent space of fairground attracts kids and teenagers with interesting rides, entertaining type’s shows in a wonderful theme with an art and literature of an idea is called Best Amusement Park in World, which shows us a wonderful garden world. It also called Amusement Park.


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It is a Best amusement park in world. If you are going in the dreaming world of flowers, it is a wonder of millions of colorful flowers from Amsterdam. It is a most beautiful botanical garden in the world. It is also named as Garden of Europe, situated in Lisse, South Holland, Netherlands. It is opened in 1950. It is also say home of world’s largest lily show. It is known for gorgeous view of Dutch Tulips and other famous flower in Holland. It has 17 attractions in Lisse, South Holland.  It is also say the most famous and largest flower park in this world. It’s not far from Amsterdam. Its name translates a word, which is known In English with a name of Kitchen Garden. It is an attractive place to seek in spring blossom.  In this, one of the most beautiful garden more than seven million flowers is presented here.  It is which place, open in only for eight weeks in each one year and around that 8 lakh visitors are visit in this one of the most beautiful flower world.

Dubai Miracle Garden

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It is a biggest natural flower garden in world. It was launched on 14 February, Valentine’s Day in the year of 2013. It is located in the Dubai-land, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Its area is 7 hectare.  Everything is perfect in this place within the 109 million flowers category is presented in this world, which is 50 million are blooming flowers in the best theme parks world.  It is a unique conceptual display work on the recreational destination with the extravagant destination in this flower world. It is operated by the City-land Real Estate Development.  It provides many types of facilities including with the state of art services in the open parking of first class area, VIP parking in the safe area, sitting area of large points, room with the prayer condition, toilet blocks are large area. It has many attractions in the Al Barsha South 3 area. Last time, it also celebrated 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse.

Universal Studios Singapore                       

It is a Southeast Asia’s first Hollywood movie Best amusement park in world in Singapore with the size of 25-football fields such as that of 20 Hectares. It is located in the Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island, Singapore with the official opening of May 2011 with a list of amusement parks. It has optimized in the Best amusement park in world, 24 movies-themed rides with 2 water rides and attractions in seven themed magical zones related to the Universal Studios. May be 24 attraction are present in this studio world in with top 10 amusement parks.


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It is a dream world of generations of families is list of amusement parks. It is a Best amusement park in world in Anaheim, California. It is opened in 17 July, 1955. It’s called Disneyland Park. It is built at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. It is only theme park is designed otherwise Walt Disney is the direct supervision of built position of Disneyland. Its area is something in the 65 hectares in 1953. Its first televised press event is ABC Television Network with the list of amusement parks. It managed by The Walt Disney Company.  Its theme is Fairy Tales and Disney Characters. It is top 10 amusement parks of eight themed lands in with the rides of Disney world. When it was opened first time, 650 million guests come in this theme park. Lands of Disneyland is eight themed best amusement park in the world, which name is Main Street USA, Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland,  New Orleans Square, Critter Country and Mickey’s Toontown.

Walt Disney World

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Its top 10 amusement parks are in Cinderella Castle, which is the icon of Magic Kingdom. It is a Best amusement park in world in Florida with the 27, 285 acres. It is also known as Walt Disney World Resort and Disney World. It is an entertainment complex of largest theme park in the world.  It is located in the Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista within Florida, near Orlando and Kissimmee. It is started in the 1 Oct 1971, in with Bay Lake. Its founder is Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney.  It is also known as Haunted Mansion of Walt Disney World’s, which story is say that Bride’s ring. It’s managed by the Walt Disney World Company. It is famous for four best theme parks world, two Water Park, resort hotels, non-Disney hotels, golf courses, camping, entertainment and shopping centre of Disney Springs. It is a most visited vacation resort in our world.  One of the wonderful Disney characters is Goofy, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

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