Top 5 Landscape Destinations in World for 2018

Top 5 One of the Most Landscape Destinations in 2018 World

It is best idea to discover most beautiful places in world to visit. One of the most landscape destinations is included in the second think of our thought world with a pictured image in our dreams with One of the most landscape destinations.


It is a richest country in the world, which is listed in megadiverse countries for soaring peaks and serene waters. Its world’s leading tourist attraction for countless natural wonders and tradition around every turn. One of the most landscape destinations is trekking for the view of the lifetime of Machu Picchu. Lima is the top most beautiful places in the world of Peru. It is an endemic plant and animal species for Boutique travel. Cusco is a place to know airport in Peru, Lima is a main political centre of south America for viceroyalty, Uros islands is a floating reed islands in the Lake Titicaca, Cordillera Blanca is a hiking in the Peru, Peru’s famous Inca Trail is a mysterious figure for desert culture, Galapagos is a south American wonders for a stone-sculptured beauty, Colca Canyon is a green Valley attraction in Peru, Arequipa is an incredible city in Peru. Peruvian Gastronomy is a unique flavour culinary fusion between the Spanish, Africans, Chinese, Japanese and Italians for yummy dishes in Peru.



ONE OF THE NEW 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD Machu Picchu is a historic sanctuary of stirs wanderlust in the every heart traveller. Machu Picchu is also a most beautiful place in the world of Peru. Its journey is unforgettable for create amazing and unique vacation in Peru. After Himalayas Andes is highest mountain. It cuts from Peru hills from north to south. Peru’s highest peak is 7768m that is named as Huascaran. Half of Peruvian population lives in altitude of Andes between in 3000 to 4000 meter above sea level.

New Zealand

Auckland is a largest Polynesian city in the North Island world. It is a transport hub for New Zealand. Natural wonders Auckland to offer the iconic Sky Tower has views of Viaduct Harbour. Auckland Domain, the city’s oldest park. It is a best city for photography. Mission Bay Beach is one of the most landscape destinations waterfronts for tourist. Christchurch is an English heritage church which is east coast attraction of tourist in New Zealand. Hagley Park is another urban open space for a reserved public park. Christchurch Botanic Gardens is a botanical garden in the central city of Christchurch, which are best places for photography in the world for marriage of Prince Albert and Princess Alexandra of Denmark.

Family fun in Queenstown

        Family fun in Queenstown

In the south-west of island, the Queenstown lakes nearby towns included in with Glen Orchy, Kingston, Wanaka, Alexandra, and Cromwell. Queenstown gondola is one of the most landscape destinations for tourist guides which named as skyline Queenstown .Lake Wakatipu is a most beautiful places for Nature Lake in south side of New Zealand. Milford Sound is amazing island for Family Fun in Queenstown, which is famous for Mitre Peak. Here is that a Kawarau Gorge Suspension bridge, which is so famous for bungee jumping. Dart River is another shot over for jet-boating. Skiing is an attraction part of Coronet peak which is in the remarkable point of view for Queenstown in the New Zealand. It contains lots of most beautiful places for nature landscape. South Island is famous for mountains, lakes and glaciers. The south portion of New Zealand’s south island is covered or dominated by Fiordland National Park.


It is not a one of the most landscape destinations for photographers. It is a breath-taking landscape. It’s an adventure set in stunning scenery. It is an ideal for trade and investment in many business sectors. The 24-hour sunlight in the summer makes for some great lighting makes amazed Iceland. It is one of the most landscape destinations locations with volcanoes ash from a magma chamber, valley of geysers, hot water springs from the earth’s crust and Fire lava fields in Eldhraun. In the category of massive glaciers are protected in Vatnajökull with a largest and most voluminous ice cap with one of the largest area in Europe and Snæfellsjökull, which known as Water Glacier, unique landscape. Vatnajökull is second largest glacier in area-wise after that Austfonna Island in Svalbord in Norway. Snæfellsjökull is a glacier, which is famous for Snæfellsjökull national parks in unique landscape in Iceland.

wonders of Iceland

           Wonders of Iceland

Reykjavik is capital of Iceland, which is amazed place for the most famous National and Saga museums, tracing in Iceland’s with history of Iceland. Hallgrimskirkja Church is a heart of Iceland’s cultural, which is a largest church with a 74.5 meters (244ft) spire height in Iceland. It also knows as Lutheran Parish Church in the tallest structure of Iceland country. Perlan museum is also a wonders of Iceland; it is a form of glacier such like as Ice cave Exhibition. One of the most landscape destinations is also Blue Lagoon, which is geothermal spa in Iceland. Grindavik is a fishing town famous for fishing industry. Most stunning sights allowed Golden Circle also, is covering with 300 kilometres gullfoss waterfall in southern Iceland.


It is a one of the most landscape destinations in the world. Canberra is a capital city of Australia. It is sixth largest country in the world. Its most visited cities are Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, which is a beautiful tourist place for tourist. Brisbane is costlier place in Australia. Vivid Sydney is a world famous festival. The Great Barrier Reef is included in seven wonders of the natural world with thousands of reef and hundreds of islands. It is a Coral reef of Queensland which is top most beautiful places in the world for unique color fish, molluscs, starfish, plus turtles, dolphins and sharks. Adelaide is a coastal capital of South Australia, which is famous for South Australian Museum, Adelaide Festival, Botanic Garden and River Torrens also. Platypus likes kangaroos and duck-billed is popular animal species in eastern Australia. Sydney Opera House is a harbour front sail-like design, the most famous 20th century’s buildings. Royal Botanic Garden is a heart of Sydney in the list of Botanical garden. Sydney Tower is an outdoor platform in the Skywalk tallest observation, offers 360-degree views of the city and suburbs.

Sydney Opera House
                                                                 Sydney Opera House

Melbourne is a state of Victoria, which is the city’s centre of modern Federation Square development by the Yarra River. It is a rich in architect of buildings. Brisbane is like as that urban culture with an outdoor adventure. It is a sunny weather and sophisticated capital city of Queensland. It is a world’s leading tourist attraction combine art of best things, outdoor adventure of sun-soaked capital, creative spaces, music and new restaurants, man-made beach centre, tasty treats, unique design. Keep cool in the waterfalls and freshwater rock pools in Brisbane with swimming holes. Its eclectic arts scene is so famous for its sunshine and laid back attitude. It is one of the most landscape destinations location north to the Glasshouse Mountains and south to the gold coast hinterland. It is a combine art of best things in Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA). Brisbane is also famous for live music scene with The Triffid, which host some music’s new version. Moreton Island is situated in south-eastern part of Queensland, Australia, which is a best place for photography in the world. North Stradbroke Island is situated within Moreton Bay Region in the Brisbane with one of the most landscape destinations for photographers.


It is a coastline of Pacific Ocean with 6,000 km. 80% of Chile is most amazing places on earth, is situated on mountains Santiago is the capital of Chile Country is known as Santiago De Chile, which is famous for Andes, the world’s longest mountain ranges in South America and Chilean Coast Range mountains. The Plaza de Armas is a centrepiece of Santiago in square grid pattern. It contains the neoclassical cathedral and the National History Museum. One of the most landscape destinations, Parque Metropolitano is known as Santiago Metropolitan Park which offers swimming pools, a botanical garden and zoo.

Easter Island a World Heritage Site

              Easter Island a World Heritage Site

Easter Island is a Chilean territory in the south-eastern Pacific Ocean point of the Polynesian Triangle in Oceania, one of the most landscape destinations location. It’s famous for 887 extant monumental statues with best places for photography in the world which known as Rapa Nui. In the year of 1995, UNESCO titled by Easter Island a World Heritage Site Ahu Tongariki is one of the largest groups of upright moai in the most famous 20th century’s buildings.  Atacama Desert is a strip of land in the west of Andes Mountains is a most beautiful place for nature.

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