Latest Update on Hardik Pandya injuries

In an exciting 2023 World Cup encounter between India and Bangladesh, all-around player Hardik Pandya suffered an ankle injury that forced Hardik Pandya to leave the field.

The Complete Overview of Hardik Pandya Injury

The Indian cricket team, captained by Rohit Sharma, has had a great start to their Cricket World Cup 2023 campaign. However, on Thursday, during their match against Bangladesh in Pune, all-rounder Hardik Pandya suffered a leg injury that caused him to walk off the field. During the 9th over of the Bangladeshi innings, Pandya tried to stop a drive from Litton Das with his right leg, but he slipped in the process. Pandya appeared to be in discomfort as he landed painfully on his left leg, forcing the physiotherapist to race to the Situation. Even though it appeared that Pandya would be able to continue. His running was becoming problematic, therefore the team management made the decision to remove him from the attack and give the ball to Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli bowled in an ODI for the first time in six years and finished Pandya’s over.

India’s victory over Bangladesh was their fourth consecutive victory in the ongoing World Cup tournament.

What did Rohit Sharma say after the match?

Rohit Sharma said  “We were pleased with our victory, which we had anticipated. We had a rough start, but the boys turned things around in the middle and towards the finish of the innings. You can manage it and give it your all; our fielding has been excellent in every one of these contests. The bowlers were sufficiently intelligent to know where to bowl.

“Hardik Pandya pulled up a little sore, but nothing too serious to be concerned about. We’ll wait and see how he arrives tomorrow morning before deciding how to proceed. Every member of the team has experienced pressure; large crowds are expected; the stands are packed; they have not let us down; they have been outstanding; as the game progresses, I have no doubt that their noise level will increase even more.

Current Situation of Hardik Pandya’s Injury

Hardik Pandya, expected to miss Sunday’s match against New Zealand, hurried to Bangalore for treatment. Following the all-rounder’s left ankle twisting during the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium match against Bangladesh in Pune, the medical staff evaluated his scan report.

The next Indian match, scheduled for October 22 in Dharamsala against New Zealand, will be without all-rounder Hardik Pandya. Pandya is expected to receive medical attention from a specialist English physician at the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru, where he is likely to receive injections. Pandya is anticipated to report to the Indian squad in Lucknow, and they are hoping he’ll be fit for the match against England.

He has been ordered to report to the NCA, so he will be traveling to Bengaluru. After reviewing the results of his ankle scan, the medical staff concluded that he would benefit from an injection. After consulting with a specialized physician in England, the BCCI found that they shared the same viewpoint. The following game will see him miss it, a BCCI spokesperson announced.

As he was fielding his own bowling during India’s match against Bangladesh here at the Maharashtra Cricket Association’s Stadium in Pune, team India vice-captain Hardik Pandya hurt his left ankle. The all-round player is recommended to take a break after having scans. He will have the BCCI Medical Team’s continual observation. He will now join the team immediately in Lucknow when India plays England, instead of traveling with the team on October 20 to Dharamsala, the BCCI announced in a statement.

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